Saturday, 2 May 2020

Thoughts on the various webinars during this Circuit breaker

Before I start this post, I would like to make a disclaimer that whatever that has been mentioned are my own opinion and are NOT sponsored by any company or person. 

Good day to all, we are halfway through this circuit breaker and hopefully the circuit breaker will be be lifted on 1 June 2020. The covid-19 cases in our community have reduced to a single digit and that is a very good sign. However there is still a large number of foreign workers being tested positive and I wish them all the best and we will tide through these crisis together. So over this covid-19 period, I have seen many people getting their hands into investing and opening brokerage accounts. Many wants to start investing as they believe it to be a very good opportunity. However the main problem is that most of them did not do any research and analysis on the different companies and investing in general. Most of them just buy based on what they heard from various unknown sources, which I feel that that should not be the way. 

During this circuit breaker period, there are many free webinars conducted by various investment personnel in our community. I have personally tuned in to quite a few to listen and I have to say that in my opinion, it is very useful to have all these webinars as it is always good to listen to different perspective on the market and certain stocks. Whether you are an experience investor or a new investor that is just starting his journey, attending these webinars will surely help you to be a better investor. Some webinars I have attended are from Dr Wealth, SG Budgetbabe, Seedly and a few others and I only have praises to say to these people. I personally find the webinars very useful and relatable to me as a Singaporean. It is also easier for me to absorb these information as well.

As for investment courses, here are some ways I feel that would help you make a better choice:

1) Credible Trainers- There are just too many out there to con you or just to make a quick buck. It is very important that you are able to find trainers who are capable and know their stuff well.

2) Know what you sign up for- It is important to find a trainer that you can relate to. No point spending tons of your hard earned money only to find out that you do not understand what is being taught.

3) Cost- There are courses that seem cheap at first, but after you attend the course, they will upsell you another package/ courses at a much higher cost. Please check if the price of the courses are fixed and if there are any upsells. After that, check for the content that will be taught and if there are additional perks and make your own decision if you would like to attend before signing up.  

I will be straight forward here. There are no right or wrong answer about paying to attend an investment courses. There are tons of resources on the internet to provide you with the information that you need and It is up to you to put in the hard work and hours to sieve out the right information. However, Some people prefer to research on their own and they learn better this way while others learn better by having someone to guide them along the way. What is most important is at the end of the day, you will be able to reach your financial goals. 

That's the end of my post, see you next time, meanwhile, stay safe and stay healthy!


  1. I have invitations to webinars almost everyday, bro,... so I just have to select which one to go for and which one that I can contribute to. To me, attending a webinar is not just to learn, but also to give some opinions and to share,.. sharing comes abt in the forms of questions that we ask. Just my opinion,...


    1. yap I agree! It is a 2 way platform where we can give our ideas and learn from each other as well :)